July 27, 2014 we sat in anticipation waiting to see what, if any, cups would arrive. Boy, were we in for a surprise 🙂 Today I sit reflecting and preparing. Talks have begun around how to create a sustainable entity, building awareness, resources and value for handmade. Ideas are churning and all of you that […]

Ready, Set, PLAN!

Almost within the six month approach of November, National Adoption Month and the Finding Forever Exhibition, we have begun fresh discussions around fundraising and seeking this year’s venue. So what are we talking about as far as fundraising? Last year’s event did not land us in the black financially. Meaning, costs outweighed monies raised. We […]


This past weekend was our first round of Christmas. As a family of divorce, there are alternating holidays so this year I had my children until today, Christmas eve morning. We went away with my partner, his daughter and grandparents to celebrate in Pennsylvania. We had a beautiful tree, gifts, lots of food, the usual […]

Reflection, Winding Down and the Ahhhh

It has been almost six months since I put out the Finding Forever idea into the world and the first invitations to potters were sent.  Today I begin writing them again, only this time with gratitude, posters and payment. I can’t wait to tell them how their work was received (even fought over!) and how they contributed to an awareness campaign […]

Gallery sitting today

Today marks the second Saturday we are open since the big unveiling on November 7th. While I love being here, I am contemplating the purpose of being open for the remainder of the month. I spoke with our wonderful gallery sitters that evening visitors has been pretty nonexistent. I was hopeful that given the Farmer’s Market […]