9 Days to go

The last of the postcards are written, the artist database is up to date, and almost all the posters we have are hung. There are a ton more details, but I feel a bit of relief getting over this hurdle. What an amazing process this has been. Yesterday I was interviewed by Baystate Parent Magazine. It […]

Next Phase

As we begin to wind down from the excitement phase of receiving so many diverse and absolutely stellar ceramic mugs and cups, it is time to head into the nose-to-the-grindstone phase of putting all the necessary pieces in place.  This past week Greg Aubin, my creative partner in this venture, designed and had produced the first […]

What a Week!

It’s been quite a week here. There have been boxes on the steps almost every day totally twenty five new mugs and cups for the exhibition. HOLY COW. Yes, I’ve been brought to tears and hysterical laughter at the sheer generosity and utter beauty at what has arrived.  It feels so very magical.  The variety […]

Deadline Extension

We’ve heard from several potters who wish to submit work who just couldn’t get it in under the October 1st wire. NO WORRIES. We are happy to receive your work after today. Please let us know what you are sending so we can allocate shelf space as we prepare to build what we need. We […]