Ready, Set, PLAN!

Almost within the six month approach of November, National Adoption Month and the Finding Forever Exhibition, we have begun fresh discussions around fundraising and seeking this year’s venue.

So what are we talking about as far as fundraising?

Money-Tree-1000x1153Last year’s event did not land us in the black financially. Meaning, costs outweighed monies raised. We seek to have a sustainable model therefore we are pursuing how to garner corporate sponsorships, grants and other means to fund the costs necessary to execute the event. We look at this event as a partnership with MARE, the artists and the community. Last year the community component was focused on awareness raising, participation as far as volunteering and purchasing, and through support in the media. This year in addition to all of these things we strive to connect with area businesses for their active financial support to spread the awareness, increase community participation and generate the financial support system to nurture the growing roots of the organization.

Finding this year’s home

Retail_space_availableOne of the biggest challenges we face is our venue. We want something visible, easily accessible, and of gallery caliber. Last year we were able to get pretty close to our vision by clean and painting the space as well as modifying shelving and lighting to create the atmosphere we sought.  This year we seek to do the same but be able to display more work, accommodate a bigger crowd and at a more affordable cost.  The search is under way and we already have more possibilities than last year.  We’d love to hear any leads you might have so free to shoot us an email if you have any connections/venue suggestions.

So this is where we are as of today.  Please follow us at the bottom of the page as well as keep an eye on our Facebook group for updates and news. We were so thrilled with the support, attendance and spreading the word that we hope you come along for the ride again this year!


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