Something amazing happened in a small city in Western Massachusetts in November of 2014.  Almost 100 ceramic cups from artists across the country took their places side-by-side, each one made by an artist’s hands, to represent and raise funds for a unique organization, the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), which seeks to find Forever Families for hundreds of foster children across the state.  Their Heart Gallery of children’s faces accompanied the Exquisite Cup Exhibition.

We didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t foresee a line at the door waiting for us to open. Selling a cup a minute shocked us all. Foster families brought their kids to buy cups for birth parents. Adopted potters came to learn about MARE.  Friends decided to go to adoption events, considering parenthood.  Magic.

Will it happen again? We hope so. What is the goal? Spread the word about foster kids everywhere needing Forever Families. Have more cups showcased and sold paying artists for their work.  We think magic can be made more than once.

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