Who will receive the proceeds from each sale?

Good question. This is a unique opportunity to support a charity and a professional artist through the purchase of a handmade piece of art.  Critical to our mission are two key initiatives: Raising awareness and funding for the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange and valuing handmade craft by paying artists for their work rather than asking them to donate.  Why should the expertise and goods of the artist be valued less than any other item or service we would purchase? We believe it shouldn’t be.

While it is entirely possible artists sell their work at a variety of different price points, we felt it important to see them having equal value much like all the children in foster care having the same value as human beings.  All work is $50 each.  Of the $50, $20 goes to the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), $20 goes to the artist, and $10 goes towards everything necessary to put the exhibition on.  All labor to put on the exhibition as well as staff the gallery is volunteer.

How might MARE use the money that is raised?

MARE has a lot of ways in which funding can be used. Here are some specifics of how your $50 cup purchase supports their mission:

  • $60 funds one Heart Gallery portrait
  • $100 funds the work to counsel one family about the adoption process when that Heart Gallery portrait prompts them to make that first call.
  • $250 funds the creation, printing, and distribution of two Photolisting profiles to over 300 libraries statewide.
  • $600 funds the critical first three months of recruitment work for one child – registering them into our system, writing their Photolisting profile, reading homestudies on file to see if a family we’re already serving might be a good match for that child, etc.
  • $1,500 funds an adoption party where children and families get to play and connect over fun, games, and pizza (sometimes we buy 40 pizzas for a local party!)

Where did the cups come from?

In 2014 almost one hundred cups were received from professional potters in sixteen states. In 2015 we aim to showcase works from every state!  Some of the potters are adoptees or foster parents themselves.

Can I purchase one online that I see on the website?

Nope! It is important to the concept of the exhibition that the work be experienced in person with the Heart Gallery by the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange.


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