So, what about the unadopted cups?

What will you do with the cups that are left?  I’ve been asked. The exhibition is nearing its end and the cups that are left unpurchased become more and more compelling for me.  Not for the reasons you might think.  So, the simple answer is that the cups will not be returned. The artists who submitted work completed a form which indicated that unsold cups would be retained by us for next year. Next year we will exhibit them again along with all the new work received. Simple. Not that complicated or remarkable right? For me, they symbolize something much greater. To be in foster care means your family of origin failed to do what was necessary to parent you appropriately, safely, lovingly. What does it say for the child who remains in foster care for 365 days or more? What does that feel like? What does that mean to them?

Next year some of the cups will be displayed again and I hope these faces will no longer be in MARE’s database looking for their Forever Families. I hope to God at least one child is found and taken into loving arms in the home they deserve.  I hope this effort raises the awareness I intended, the drive to be a family regardless of biology, the hope to bring hope to child who never deserved to feel this way.


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