An update and some thoughts

Today our Kickstarter project reached just over 50% funded! In just seven days. Wow. When I set out to do this project, I had hope, passion and great expectations. I called on professional artists, business people, and other wise mentors to advise me and through them I catapulted past doubt and moved forward. We brainstormed, planned, sought consult, and […]

Your Support and Senator Stan

Every morning suddenly feels like Christmas morning. Barely awake, notifications of contributions to our Kickstarter project arrive like reindeer hooves on the rooftop.  Emails from strangers asking what can they do are in the mailbox like Christmas cards.  Boxes of cups arrive on the doorstep from unknown places, unknown but loved faces. Something magical is […]

Our Kickstarter is LIVE

So maybe you’ve heard about Kickstarter, maybe you haven’t. The short version is there is a movement afoot to manifest all kinds of creative ideas through online fundraising. There is more on it here. Funds have been raised for everything from movies to book publishing, product creation and restaurant start up.   Building Finding Forever from the […]

Progress in the Process

While you were lolling around on the beach we have been contacting potters, reading rental agreements, getting insurance, researching shelving, ordering materials and GETTING EXCITED!  Support keeps rolling in as have the mugs as potters begin to wind down their summer festival events and find a minute to contact us. Say hello to this trio […]