This past weekend was our first round of Christmas. As a family of divorce, there are alternating holidays so this year I had my children until today, Christmas eve morning. We went away with my partner, his daughter and grandparents to celebrate in Pennsylvania. We had a beautiful tree, gifts, lots of food, the usual as I am sure you can imagine. This isn’t the reason for my writing. Last night we arrived home. Weary from the traffic, not sleeping in our beds and too much food. Snuggling at bedtime, my daughter and I discussed our trip- the funny parts, the book she is devouring that I gave her, and so on. Suddenly she hugged me tight saying how she would miss me on Christmas. It’s always tough at the holidays when we are all not together. I often wonder about what else she might be thinking…about her birth parents, other kids in foster care, or where she is from.  Then she said “I’m so glad I’m adopted by you.” No other words could mean as much.  To know she feels as though she belongs, was/is wanted, is so very loved. This was my greatest gift on Christmas.

  IMG_1236      IMG_1237


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