Gallery sitting today

Today marks the second Saturday we are open since the big unveiling on November 7th. While I love being here, I am contemplating the purpose of being open for the remainder of the month. I spoke with our wonderful gallery sitters that evening visitors has been pretty nonexistent. I was hopeful that given the Farmer’s Market downtown and the glorious weather outside that a few folks would come in. So far, notsomuch.

This beauty is still available….

Robert Alewine, Tennesee

Robert Alewine, Tennessee

Perhaps this event is best served by an opening extravaganza followed by daytime opportunities of the same weekend.  I wonder if we might host speakers related to MARE or handmade craft demos on that same weekend. Hmm. Of course the space we find next year determines a lot of what is possible.

What do you think? Do you have thoughts on the issue? Shoot me an email if  you do


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