Next Phase

As we begin to wind down from the excitement phase of receiving so many diverse and absolutely stellar ceramic mugs and cups, it is time to head into the nose-to-the-grindstone phase of putting all the necessary pieces in place.  This past week Greg Aubin, my creative partner in this venture, designed and had produced the first banners for the exterior of the space. At a major intersection in town, it is quite visible and beginning to spread the word to a wider audience.  OnFriday I was also interviewed and the mugs photographed for inclusion in the local paper. We hear there may even be a call from the Boston Globe! How amazing that would be 🙂 banners on railing When I think about a possible Globe article, I really only think of one thing….the potential for more people to understand how the adoption of a foster child works and become connected with MARE. If just one child, one, was to be adopted as a result of the awareness raised by this event…my heart would burst with the joy of having helped make that connection. It is my hope that will be the case.


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