An update and some thoughts

Today our Kickstarter project reached just over 50% funded! In just seven days. Wow.

When I set out to do this project, I had hope, passion and great expectations. I called on professional artists, business people, and other wise mentors to advise me and through them I catapulted past doubt and moved forward. We brainstormed, planned, sought consult, and researched.  Others were as excited as we were.  Potential volunteers started emailing and then we learned our state senator hopes to attend and support the event.  Suddenly I felt silly for having sat on this idea for the last few years.

The gratitude I feel for every contribution, comment of support on the Facebook page, message in my email, cannot be adequately expressed in words.  To me this must mean that you agree that foster children deserve to be heard in a loud, beautiful, resounding voice. A voice that we hear and know is amazing, beautiful, and wanted. We are celebrating them through the beautiful handmade work submitted from near and far in a collaborative action that will manifest for the whole community to see.

This exhibition will succeed because of your support, the creative hands of artists near and far, my wish to for M.A.R.E. and their important work with these children to be emphasized and discussed in our community. And in the end, my greatest hope, is that there will be less foster children and more Forever Families.

Thank you for your continuing support by sharing about the exhibition and the kickstarter.  Let’s push on to reach our goal and make this event spectacular! images


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