Purchasing Art with Purpose

I wonder how many folks consider the dynamic we are striving to create in having this exhibition. We talk about it a lot, the obvious embracing of foster kids and the not so obvious, exhibiting art where purchasing has a purpose.

CharityIt is fairly common to be solicited on a somewhat regular basis to support a variety of causes with a financial donation. There is the unspoken rule that our dollar will benefit an organization’s efforts with no expected return or recognition for our donation other than an email or postcard. Our payoff is our own satisfaction;  a sense of contributing to a better world through our financial sharing.

hands of a potter, creating an earthen jar on the circleWhen purchasing art or craft the only rules of engagement are that our money will go to the artist and then we will have an object of beauty or function to enjoy. In these tough economic times for many, art is not a viable part of the budget. There is no justification for spending generously on something strictly beautiful or one that has function but a larger-than-Walmart price tag.

What if purchasing art is given a purpose? What if through purchasing handmade work not only is the artist supported for their craft, but a financial gift is given to a charity? Now the work is not only meaningful for its beautiful expression of the artist’s expertise and technique, but directly supporting those in need. Maybe its creating a nurturing environment for children with HIV in Ethiopia (Artists for Charity), creating resources for marginalize youth ( Art Start), or in our case, funding an organization that’s mission is to facilitate adoption of foster children in need.

This idea isn’t new, but we feel it has vital relevance that we are cultivating with Finding Forever. More than ever we as humans strive to create meaning and make a difference. You can do it at the exhibition, directly funding artists and supportive services for children in foster care seeking to be paired with their adoptive family.


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