Glorious work of the hand

I continue to be amazed, humbled and oh so grateful for the stunning work that arrives on my doorstep for the exhibition.  I have been a fan of Eric Smith‘s work for sometime and am so honored he would submit not one, but two pieces to the exhibition.

Honoring handcrafted work in a gallery setting is an important component of the exhibition. Often artists are asked to donate their work without compensation or even recognition for a variety of causes.  It was key to us that not only the work be showcased in a manner that highlights it’s value, but that the artists be paid for their valuable time and unique wares.  We think this is a new model of valuing the work and the charity, side by side, raising awareness as well as valuing the importance of handmade in our culture. It is a unique ‘job’ that deserves pay, recognition and sustainability in a time when we have seemed to have moved further and further away from the intimate and personal connection to what we live with and for everyday.



Fired in a wood kiln, his work has remarkable texture, line and grace. Unbelievably light yet durable, I have enjoyed using one of his cups daily for a long time now. I look forward to seeing who decides to purchase one of his pieces at the exhibition. There are more images of his work here.


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