Your Support and Senator Stan

robin-postEvery morning suddenly feels like Christmas morning. Barely awake, notifications of contributions to our Kickstarter project arrive like reindeer hooves on the rooftop.  Emails from strangers asking what can they do are in the mailbox like Christmas cards.  Boxes of cups arrive on the doorstep from unknown places, unknown but loved faces.

Something magical is happening and it is powerful.

Today Senator Rosenberg wrote that he hopes to attend the opening and we heard from M.A.R.E. that they are about to do a press release about Finding Forever. Earlier this week an attorney we just met advised us without charge on how to proceed with the lease agreement.

This says a lot to me. That we are aching to care, make a difference, DO something that matters. That we are still, despite the unrest, the struggle, the losses we face, a community of people that believe in the idea of taking care of each other, especially our children.

Thank you for your continuing support. Thank you for believing in this idea. Thank you for being a voice for the many kids in foster care.


Our Kickstarter is LIVE

So maybe you’ve heard about Kickstarter, maybe you haven’t. The short version is there is a movement afoot to manifest all kinds of creative ideas through online fundraising. There is more on it here. Funds have been raised for everything from movies to book publishing, product creation and restaurant start up.  

Building Finding Forever from the ground up, we don’t have tons of money laying around for rent, insurance, shelving, etc. to make this thing fly. Folks who aren’t potters but wanted to help suggested that this was the way to go to get the baseline financial needs addressed by just asking. Asking for those who support this idea to just chip in a couple bucks. So in less than 24 hours 10% of the project is funded already! We keep up at this rate and we will have what we need to open the doors in November with no problem.

So visit our Kickstarter Page!

Tell your friends!  Call your folks! Mention it at the coffee shop! LET’S DO THIS!


Progress in the Process

While you were lolling around on the beach we have been contacting potters, reading rental agreements, getting insurance, researching shelving, ordering materials and GETTING EXCITED!  Support keeps rolling in as have the mugs as potters begin to wind down their summer festival events and find a minute to contact us.

Say hello to this trio from potter Mary Kirk in Pfafftown, North Carolina….


Things are heating up….

Both figuratively and literally!

Parker 02Here is one of the cups that came in yesterday from artist Charlie Parker in Florida!

We recently heard from potter Eric Smith who was in the process of loading a big wood kiln that is only fired three times a year and wanted to know how many cups he could send!  So excited to see what he sends us when the firing is done. You can see his work here.

Very soon we will be able to announce the venue for the show. We are in collaboration with a supportive business owner in a visible location. I can’t tell you how excited we are! Stay tuned on this as we may send out a call for volunteers to prep the space.

Next up, Kickstarter. Now come the expenses. So, we are tallying up all the costs from rent, to shelving and promotional materials.  We hope that folks will be as excited as we are about this event and send a few bucks our way to help make this happen.

New cups arrive like Christmas morning here.  So amazed by the support and the creativity others are sharing. Take a look at what’s coming in on “The Cups” page.

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