Things are heating up….

Both figuratively and literally!

Parker 02Here is one of the cups that came in yesterday from artist Charlie Parker in Florida!

We recently heard from potter Eric Smith who was in the process of loading a big wood kiln that is only fired three times a year and wanted to know how many cups he could send!  So excited to see what he sends us when the firing is done. You can see his work here.

Very soon we will be able to announce the venue for the show. We are in collaboration with a supportive business owner in a visible location. I can’t tell you how excited we are! Stay tuned on this as we may send out a call for volunteers to prep the space.

Next up, Kickstarter. Now come the expenses. So, we are tallying up all the costs from rent, to shelving and promotional materials.  We hope that folks will be as excited as we are about this event and send a few bucks our way to help make this happen.

New cups arrive like Christmas morning here.  So amazed by the support and the creativity others are sharing. Take a look at what’s coming in on “The Cups” page.


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