Kickstarter Success!


WE DID IT! We reached our Kickstarter goal with a few days to spare! Now we can move forward with signing our lease which utilizes most of the funds from this campaign.  This has lifted a bit of the financial burden. Whew. We still have a ways to go with marketing, construction and execution, but this gets on our way with a little less stress right out of the gate.

Wow. I’m almost speechless. Almost 🙂  I feel a sense of community with each and every person who contributed and shared information about this effort. The emails I’ve received from some of our funders and potters about their personal connections to foster care or adoption affirmed my commitment to this event. This is powerful stuff people. And you all made it happen.

Today a potential funder asked about whether we still need funds and the answer is yes. There are many more costs to come. Folks can contribute to the Kickstarter for a few more days or send a check directly to me. All funds will be used to execute the event with anything left over going to the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange. Checks should be made out to Pam Kinsmith and mailed to 93 Homestead Avenue, Greenfield, MA 01301 Just like on the Kickstarter, funders will be noted in the program with high level funders receiving a color poster from the event.

Thank you. Your generosity means so much. My heart is full, and my gratitude everlasting.


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