Just ten days….

Nervous WreckJust ten days left in the Kickstarter project. Not much time but hope remains and our push continues to get the word out. This little nest egg will pay the rent, utilities and insurance costs for the time of the exhibit. Enough to get us going while we work on all the other pieces like writing to more potters, constructing shelving, signage and the plethora of other demands we feel are necessary to execute a professional, gallery-level exhibition.

Will your contribution push us over our goal? We’re more than half way there, but we’re not there yet!  YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  This event will raise awareness about the over 8,000 kids in foster care in Massachusetts alone, 400,ooo nationwide.  For every cup that sells we will be raising funds for MARE to support their ongoing work to find Forever Families for so many kids in need.

If this event brings just one family unfamiliar with foster care to the event and they adopt one child they learn about, then will have done some serious good in the world. We all will have done it together.

I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS! Just $25. You can do it. Tell your friends about it, too.

Oh yeah and one more thing…..you are gonna help us ROCK THIS THING!


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