Our Kickstarter is LIVE

So maybe you’ve heard about Kickstarter, maybe you haven’t. The short version is there is a movement afoot to manifest all kinds of creative ideas through online fundraising. There is more on it here. Funds have been raised for everything from movies to book publishing, product creation and restaurant start up.  

Building Finding Forever from the ground up, we don’t have tons of money laying around for rent, insurance, shelving, etc. to make this thing fly. Folks who aren’t potters but wanted to help suggested that this was the way to go to get the baseline financial needs addressed by just asking. Asking for those who support this idea to just chip in a couple bucks. So in less than 24 hours 10% of the project is funded already! We keep up at this rate and we will have what we need to open the doors in November with no problem.

So visit our Kickstarter Page!

Tell your friends!  Call your folks! Mention it at the coffee shop! LET’S DO THIS!



2 thoughts on “Our Kickstarter is LIVE

  1. I found your wonderful project on Ceramics Daily today. I will be sending some cups in support of Finding Forever. I am a potter in Bethesda, Maryland. Best of Luck, Marlisa


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