Reflection, Winding Down and the Ahhhh

It has been almost six months since I put out the Finding Forever idea into the world and the first invitations to potters were sent.  Today I begin writing them again, only this time with gratitude, posters and payment. I can’t wait to tell them how their work was received (even fought over!) and how they contributed to an awareness campaign that is sending ripples out through each cup of coffee or tea shared in these cups. They have contributed to the greatest of gifts: finding the love and acceptance of a family.

Friday night at the closing event I began to feel the slow let down of it coming to an end. As the shelves became emptier and emptier, I reflected back on all the volunteer help, the support in the press and the joy I felt every time a new box arrived on my porch. Just as I started to give in to the sadness, something wonderful happened. “I’m here to pick up my cup and thank you for this amazing thing you’ve done,” my friend Sandy said.  “Will you do this again?” my friend Deb asked.  You’re thanking me?? I want to thank YOU!

This year’s event may be over, but this effort, this idea of Purchasing Art with a Purpose, raising awareness about children in foster care, showcasing the professional work of potters across the country, will continue. We have already begun discussing how to tighten our process, be clearer about the mission, and generate more awareness and funds for the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange. We have some surprises up our proverbial sleeves and I can’t wait to begin again!

But for now I will allow the wind down, the ahhh of a job well done, and will share it with all the amazing people and businesses that helped make this happen:

Nancy Alexander, Greg Aubin, John Aubin, Jen Audley, Emily Ballard, Jane Banks, Melinda Baughman, Base Camp Photo, Bellybowl Bread, Steve Bridges, Danielle Carriveau, Catherine Cavanaugh, Clarkdale Farm, Cheryl Costella, Peggy Cogan, Lisa Davol, Tim deChristopher, Element Brewery, Charissa Emond, Lauren Gardner, Becky George, Kristen Gillan, Greenfield Coffee, Greenfield Business Association, Green River Ambrosia, Donna Gulow, Janice Halpern, Alan Hammer, Anne Harding, Jim Heffron, Jordi Herold, Hillary Hoffman, Home Depot, Jennifer Inglis, Thomas Jackman, Gary Jackson, Marilyn Jacobson, Chris Johnson, Karen Jones, Kristen Kieffer, Kate Kinsella, Kacia & Kris Kinsmith, Tricia Kutt, Lou Leelyn, Beth Lorenz, Mandy Locke, Linda McInerney, Ginny Newton, Michael Nix, David Ottney, Jaye Pope, Pamela Price, Beth Reynolds, Julianne Savage-Boeding, Garth Shaneyfelt, Christine Tanner, The People’s Pint, Sign Grafx, Erin Waxman, Lexy Wapner, Nanci Young, Barb Zaccheo, along with Bill, Kathy and Wendy Zellers.



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